2007, USA, 11 min., Color, HDCAM @ 1080/59.94i
World Premiere at Tribeca Filmfestival 2007


In Iraqi Kurdish with English subtitles.
Directed By: Andrew Berends, Michiel Pilgram
Cinematographer: Andrew Berends
Editor: Michiel Pilgram
Translator in Kurdistan: Gawher Youhanen Audish
Post-Production Translator: Salar Motiei
Mixed By: Chen Harpaz
Music: The Kamkars
Written by Arsalan Kamkar
Published by WOMAD Music Ltd/EMI Virgin Music Ltd.
Courtesy of Real World Records Ltd.
©2007 Storyteller Productions

This is a glimpse of a Kurdish refugee camp that my friend, Andrew Berends, saw when he went to Iraq in 2004.
Berends passed by Kirkuk, a big city in Northern Iraq, and found hundreds of Kurds living in a soccer stadium.
The Kurds wanted to go back to the homes they had lost to 30 years of Arabization, but they had no paperwork proving what they and their families had owned. After the U.S. invasion, when they started trying to go back to their old homes, the people who had taken over their houses and their land sent them away. And so they banded together in the soccer stadium, hoping for better days.