Rechitsa is a town in southeastern Belarus, in the Gomel oblast.

In 1816, Rechitsa was the capital of the Rechitsa Uezda, or district, a
district which included the fertile, wooded land north of the junction of
the Pripyat River and the Dnieper River. 

Jews merchants have probably been traveling from the Black Sea, up the
Dnieper, to buy furs, honey, lumber and other goods there since the days
of the Roman Empire.

Stalin did his best to turn the economy of Rechitsa early in the century,
then Hitler did his best to kill all of the people.  Then, as if Communism
and Fascism eren't enough, the Soviet Union decided to build a nuclear
power plant in the Ukraine, right across the Pripyat River from the
Rechitsa region.

The Chernobyl plant melted down in 1986 and spread radioactive dust all
over the region. Belarus has tried to make the best of a terrible
situation by putting the hottest areas of the region in a radioactive
nature preserve. But children who live in the "safe" parts still suffer
extremely high rates of birth defects and cancer. One Web site says only 5
percent of the children ine Chernobyl region are healthy.

Con artists interested mainly in improving their own personal bank account
balances probably exaggerate the seriousness of the situation to increase
their take, but there's no doubt whatsoever that many people in the region
are in dire need of help.

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